According to the Cyprus Legislation all Companies with more than 4 employees must develop a Risk Assessment (RA) study. This study must record all workplace risks, analyse the results and propose measures.

In spite of the fact that legislative requirements do not specify the methodology, the approach or the form of the study neither does it require a specific method for assessing the risk level, RA results must be communicated to all the employees.

We have developed a detailed RA methodology that includes 10 steps:

  1. Listing all areas, operations and job positions
  2. Hazard recognition
  3. Linking to the involved dangers
  4. Assessing possible incident scenarios
  5. Recording of the affected/ exposed personnel or third parties
  6. Recording of possible health consequences
  7. Recording and evaluation of the existing measures
  8. Recording of the recommended (additional) measures
  9. Setting implementation priorities
  10. Assessing the risk probability of the incident scenario


According to the Cyprus Legislation RA must be kept current and updated:

Updating is essential especially under the following conditions:

  • Whenever there is a significant change at the business operations or facilities of the Company
  • Annualy, after any business or H&S System review to decide the need and extent of required change
  • Εvery at least 3 years.

We can undertake the task of assessing whether the existing RA requires updating and conduct any updating if necessary.


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