The existence of auditing and control mechanisms by external auditors is absolutely necessary to identify and analyze the gaps before they enlarge.

Audits cover all business operations and may be conducted per job position, task, process, area depending on the vulnerability identified.

The type of Audits and Inspections that can be carried out include the following categories:

I. Legal Conformance

Legislation sets the minimum conformance requirements by which businesses must abide. Full conformance is rarely achievable mainly due to lack of knowledge of the latest legal updates resulting in several cases violation of the Cyprus Legislation.


II. H&S Culture


A Company's culture is related to the "atmosphere" in the workplace regarding H&S. It is beyond doubt that management systems that do not take into account the human factors are condemned to failure. H&S Systems, even when fully implemented, do not seem to reduce accident rates presenting a "plateau" of resistance. This is due, mainly, to the Companies focusing too much on "business success indices" excluding human factors like initiate, innovation, idea management, teamwork etc.


III. H&S System Workplace Implementation

The development of a H&S Management System is the tool for continual workplace conditions improvement that brings direct benefits to the employees, the management, the brand name, the Company and the stakeholders.

It is also important the System to be "light and flexible" for the user i.e. all Company hierarchy.

Specially developed questionnaires depict the H&S implementation level in the Company.

The usual methodology includes in the following non-exhaustive areas:

    1. Site visit and site tour
    2. Interviews with selected line personnel by using the appropriate questionnaires
    3. Compiling an Audit Report
    4. Rating according to specific criteria (optional)


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