Workplace accidents and occupational diseases should be a primary concern for all employers. Competent employees produce the foundations of every healthy organization.

Providing information, as well as knowledge to the employees assists in:

  • Ensuring health and bodily integrity of all employees during work
  • Developing of a positive culture, which translates to health & safety becoming second nature for everybody
  • Better management of employee health & safety
  • Employer compliance with the Cyprus Legislation to protect their workforce health & safety
  • Effective training


We consider training as a fundamental preventive health & safety measure that can enhance employee well-being by facilitating the employers to:

  • Decide their training priorities
  • Decide their training methods
  • Implement the training programmes in the best possible way


According to the Cyprus Legislation the employer is obliged to provide training to employees of all hierarchy levels in order to be able to know and abide by the procedures and guidelines specified in the Health & Safety programme.

Through our associates a training programmes has been developed that enables managers acquire the practical skills necessary.

Training programmes are being organized in the following thematic categories:

  1. Occupational Health & Safety
  2. Fire Safety/ Emergency Plan
  3. Environmental Protection


Beyond these programmes it is possible to develop or adapt tailor-made training programmes.

For cost reduction purposes, programmes can be implemented that are subsidized by Human Resources Development Authority (AnAD) with approved trainers.

All trainees are being provided with certificates of attendance.


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