1. Employers' obligations

The employer shall:

  • evaluate all the risks to the safety and health of workers, inter alia in the choice of work equipment, the chemical substances or preparations used, and the fitting-out of work places
  • implement measures which assure an improvement in the level of protection afforded to workers and are integrated into all the activities of the undertaking and/or establishment at all hierarchical levels
  • take into consideration the worker's capabilities as regards health and safety when he entrusts tasks to workers;
  • consult workers on introduction of new technologies; designate worker(s) to carry out activities related to the protection and prevention of occupational risks.
  • take the necessary measures for first aid, fire-fighting, evacuation of workers and action required in the event of serious and imminent danger
  • keep a list of occupational accidents and draw up and draw up, for the responsible authorities reports on occupational accidents suffered by his workers
  • inform and consult workers and allow them to take part in discussions on all questions relating to safety and health at work;
  • ensure that each worker receives adequate safety and health training


2. Workers' obligations

The worker shall:

  • make correct use of machinery, apparatus, tools, dangerous substances, transport equipment, other means of production and personal protective equipment
  • immediately inform the employer of any work situation presenting a serious and immediate danger and of any shortcomings in the protection arrangements
  • cooperate with the employer in fulfilling any requirements imposed for the protection of health and safety and in enabling him to ensure that the working environment and working conditions are safe and pose no risks.


Health surveillance should be provided for workers according to national systems. Particularly sensitive risk groups must be protected against the dangers which specifically affect them.

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