The Health and Safety at Work Act places a duty on every employer to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of all their employees. This is further endorsed by the Health and Safety at Work Regulations, which underline the need for formal arrangements and policies to manage the Occupational Health and Safety of all individuals in a place of work.

These requirements can prove to be difficult to put into place and maintain effectively, particularly for smaller organizations that may not have a designated competent Health and Safety Officer.

Many small to medium enterprises can rarely afford to employ a full-time Health and Safety Advisor but still want the peace of mind of having their own qualified Health and Safety Professional a phone call away.

The Main Fields of application are:

  1. Building and Construction
  2. Factories and Workshops
  3. Hotels and Guest Houses
  4. Offices and Corporate
  5. Warehousing and Distribution
  6. Facilities Management
  7. Restaurants and Catering


Always remember what your Business benefits are:

  1. Good practice in health and safety makes sound business sense.
  2. Save money on the direct costs of absence.
  3. Retain staff
  4. Maintain your organizations' reputation
  5. Preventing accidents and ill health at work helps you build a good reputation with your clients, your workers, their friends and associates
  6. Improve productivity


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